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[casi] History Repeating.

In 1600 Britishers (The fore fathers of Americans) came to India which was a
combination of today's Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Nepal,
Bangladesh, Sri Lanka & Burma.

They said to Indian rulers they have come for peaceful purpose. They will do
business of Spices. But the reality was different. The company named East
India Company looted Whole of southern India and ruled for many centuries
till Whole of India became so weak that there was nothing left. They left
India and said you govern your country yourself.

Here is the tactics they used 400 years back and are repeating again.

They used to say we have come here to teach Indian people how to live
(Though Indian culture was 1500 year older than that of Europeans).

They said Indian Rulers we will provide you with our Army you have no need
to maintain army we will be responsible for all security needs.

They never fought with 2 rulers at a time. They used to corner out one ruler
and with a big army defeat them. Make a puppet ruler there and ask them to
pay little tax in return.

They started defeating one kingdom after another at it was very late when
Indian rulers realized the Britishers policy of Divide and Rule.

Then Indian Rulers Decided to fight back whole of the Britishers. But again
the cunning Europeans bribed Indian Army Chiefs. And in some cases told them
they will be given a big kingdom if they take their side.

Once they defeated whole India with their Divide and rule policy. They
started asking for Taxes from all kingdoms. All the hardwork done by Indian
farmers, workers & other Labors used to go for development of British

According to laws the Tax a person pays should be used for benefit of his
country but here It used to goto UK. Britishers stole all the Diamonds &
Golds deposited in temples, Palaces & Mosques. They even took Kohinoor
Diamond with them which is still in a European Museum.

Today's Relevance.

When Iraq attacked Quait before Gulf war. The attack was not on civilians.
It was because Iraq wanted the prices of Oil be same all over Gulf so that
the Gulf region can get a good price for Oil. But this would mean a big loss
for UK & USA since there economy would have high impact incase the Gulf
countries remain United and control the Oil prices in accordance to what
gives them best profits.

So within a few days USA started shouting against Iraq.

Now take a similar case where Israel is attacking and controlling Palestine
and killing civilians daily with it's big Tanks. America just says Oh it is
wrong and on other side really enjoying the killings of Palestine.

America was really supporting Taliban and Bin Laden when they were fighting
against Russia. All the weapons Taliban was having went through America. But
after cold war. Russia is no more strong enough to be fought for America
wanted to take control over the Gulf States. So it started asking impossible
activities which Taliban can never do (Known by USA). Which made Bin Laden
fight against USA. And America succeeded in it's mission of removing Taliban
and controlling Afghanistan.

USA mission of attacking China, India & Pakistan failed because these three
countries have great intellectuals and they have studied history and they
know how the Europeans and USA fool countries. USA also understand that it
can never fool India, Pakistan & China like it fooled Russian, Japanese &
Afghanistan people.

After getting it's army base at Afghanistan USA is now considering removing
Iraq which is surrounded by stupid countries which have become rich not by
brains but only because of free Oil they had under ground.

These countries people just want to live Luxurious life and have nothing to
do with World happening. So they allowed America to put Army bases in their
countries and are fighting against Iraq. USA wants to take control over Gulf
Oil once it does that it will do the same what it did with the 1600 century
Indian Rulers.

It will ask these countries to pay taxes for the army standing on their
grounds. These country will have no choice but to pay heavy taxes to USA &
UK ground forces. Any 1-2 revolting against it will be gunned down and will
be declared terrorists.

USA have killed many revolutionists and termed them as terrorists. There is
a great difference between a peaceful revolutionist and terrorist.

Incase USA is able to control the Gulf states. Russia, China, India,
Pakistan will be their next target. USA will first of all target Pakistan
because it is very vulnerable. And get support of India on that. India would
have no option left.

Once USA army gets into Pakistan It would be very easy to control India,
China & Russia.

But I don't think it would ever succeed in defeating India, China & Russia
because of highly educated Intellectuals present in these three countries
which can counter the USA & UK intelligence. And have a strong history of
wars and politics.

So in the end I would say History is repeating.

Sanjay Sharma.

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