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[casi] Crazed Kiddies

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Crazed kiddiesHow dare they oppose unprovoked U.S. aggression?By BILL KAUFMANN -- Calgary Sun  
Elementary school-aged activists in legendary protest precinct Berkeley, Calif. recently waved 
placards and chanted anti-Iraq war slogans, stated a newspaper article.

A local Republican operative was horrified at the "unconscionable" use of children as political 

This is what it's come to -- kids being told unprovoked aggression and bullying are bad.

That sage Republican should certainly know all about political puppetry.

Her boss George W. Bush is such a master at it, he doesn't even need to pull strings; he does it by 
remote control.

You can't blame him for using a compliant TV media to help him convince channel-surfers a hungry, 
battered Iraq that doesn't even frighten its neighbours is a threat to world peace.

If the medium is there, why wouldn't he use it to tell the world Iraq is mere months away from 
nuclear weapons capability, even though the International Atomic Energy Agency, of which he quotes, 
flatly denies such information exists?

Satellite photos IAEA inspectors insist are meaningless look menacing when brandished by Bush on 
the tube.

Who wouldn't grab the opportunity to relentlessly broadcast the connection between Osama bin Laden 
and his arch foe Saddam, to compensate for an inconvenient lack of evidence?

A man on a crusade has no choice to but to take to the airwaves when even his CIA boss says little 
threat exists from the toothless tyrant, unless of course he's attacked.

It's more ethical to frighten those Berkeley kids with dark fantasies of non-existent pilotless 
Iraqi drones delivering weapons of mass destruction to their doorsteps.

Those kids should be taught to respect the flag and the morals of a president eager to send their 
parents into harm's way for the reasons listed above.

When their president says war means peace and human rights, those children shouldn't ask why their 
country sends a third of its foreign aid budget to Israel, which lobs missiles indiscriminately 
into crowds and vandalizes Palestinian schools and clinics and grabs their land.

They've no right to know aid to such countries is illegal under U.S. law, or that their nation has 
trained and supported Latin American terrorists -- as long as they're taught there's only space at 
Guantanamo Bay for the really bad people.

A war would also protect the Kurds, says Bush, who can be excused for supplying vast quantities of 
arms to Turkey which has routinely slaughtered that ethnic group; after all, we should know by now 
that some Kurds are more equal than others.

Invading Iraq would fill the ranks of terrorist groups, playing into the hands of all the bin 
Ladens, we're told, but give Bush credit -- he always said the war against terror would be a long 

If it's long and destructive enough, it's only proper that corporations like a subsidiary of Dick 
Cheney's Halliburton -- who've profited from all manner of war-related contracts -- would once 
again enrich those same close friends.

It's a perfect fit -- public money goes to blow everything up, then pays those companies to clean 
up the mess; it's a model of corporate welfare that could revive a moribund Wall Street.

And it's easy to imagine Canada being asked to ante up to rebuild Iraq, since we don't have the 
military to destroy it -- otherwise, "what kind of ally are you?" Americans, suddenly deeply in 
debt thanks to Bush's massive tax cuts, would quite rightly bellow.

We're all in this together -- it's our democracies and civil liberties the terrorists want 
destroyed, but with the one-year-old USA Patriotic Act, those are much smaller targets now. We're 
winning this war one step at a time.

Bush's impatience to wage peace with bombs and employ his corporate cronies is utterly admirable; 
they'll be able to cleanse a contaminated Iraq that much faster of all the depleted uranium left 
behind by U.S. Gulf War munitions.

It's the stuff the Pentagon insists is safe, but warns its own personnel to avoid or wear 
protective clothing around. Understandably, it's safe for Iraqis, but not Americans.

And it's not at all strange the "O" word hasn't once escaped the lips of the petro-patch president 
and his veep during all this.

Oil as a factor is just a flimsy rumour, kind of like the Osama-Saddam link, but the president 
likes talking about that one, which is a prerogative when you're the president.

Back in Berkeley, those pint-sized neo-hippies don't mince words, mouthing platitudes like "no 
blood for oil."

Kids say the darndest things.

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