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Re: [casi] good news, bad news....


Do you have any proof to back up those claims, apart from the known  SCIRI
propaganda? When you talk with this certainty, you should base it on solid

Members of this list should know that Baqir al-Hakim's group has been the one
spreading this kind of rumours and allegations, accusing Iraq of cooperating with
al-Qaeda. They were the ones who invented the story that Saddam's soldiers are
training with al-Qaeda... This story came out while al-Hakim was visiting his old
enemies/new friends in Kuwait. In the 1980s, his followers tried to assassinate
the Emir of Kuwait, and Saddam defended Kuwait... Now al-Hakim and al-Sabah are

And of course we don't read in the English language media how SCIRI has
supplied the CIA with "documents" to support their claims that Iraq is developing
Anything to help the "Great Satan" launch its new attacks on their "Muslim
Brothers" in Iraq...
Why blame the US when there is this kind of "Muslim" brothers caring for their
own people??

I bet that if an Iranian opposition group would do the same and give the CIA
documents about Iranian alleged WMDs programs, we will hear a "Fatwa" from the
same al-Hakim calling for the killing of those Iranians!!

But like I have often said, this is an immoral world...


>this is sort fo true. he does have agents spread all over the world -
>they reach triple figures. some of them are there to infiltrate iraqi
>communities to spy on them, some are told to infiltrate and disrupt >these
communities, some are told to integrate and be part of the anti->sanctions
movement to utilise it, some are told to form contacts with >journalists and
governments officials to 'pamper' them,  there are also >some who are 'hit-men' -
though they rarely operate in the UK, but do >in europe and they can potentially
be ordered to kill anyone, not just >opposition, if they are a threat to saddam.

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