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Dear List,

James Rubin of the US State Department likes to spin
the yarn, "Our sense is that, prior to the sanctions,
there were serious poverty and health problems in Iraq."

In fact, before 1990, Iraq was a welfare state such as
the US has never known: free education (down to school
lunch), excellent free health system, pampered healthy

I found a WHO report (longish) from March 1996, which does
an excellent comparison - in sober language. Title:

"The Health Conditions of the Population in Iraq
since the Gulf Crisis"

Here are the last two paragraphs:


"7. Very rarely has the impact of sanctions on millions of
people been documented. Severe economic hardship, a semi-
starvation diet, high levels of disease, scarcity of
essential drugs and, above all, the psycho-social trauma
and anguish of a bleak future, have led to numerous
families being broken up leading to distortions in social

"8. The impact of this unfortunate situation on the infant
and child population in particular in Iraq needs special
attention. It is not only the data on morbidity and
mortality that tell the story, but equally important are
the crippling effects of many of these morbidities which
are often forgotten. The psychological trauma of the six-
week 1991 war and the terrible hardships enduring with the
sanctions since then, can be expected to leave indelible
marks on the mental health and behavioural patterns of
these children when they grow to adulthood. This tragic
aspect of the impact of the war and conditions surrounding
the sanctions is rarely articulated, but the world
community should seriously consider the implications of an
entire generation of children growing up with such
traumatized mental handicaps, if of course, they survive
at all."


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