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re:[casi] Iraqi opposition delegation in Baghdad...

Dear Hassan and list members,

Hassan wrote:

"The Iraqi National Coalition did not
appear "suddenly". It has existed
since 1990"
"This group (and some leftists, nationalists and
independent figures) have
been in dialogue with the government of Iraq
since 1992"

Can Hassan give us any credible evidance that
the "Iraqi National Coalition" existed since
1990? Any press release? conference? anything?

Hassan wrote:

" I didn't hear the Coalition claiming to
represent the Iraqi opposition.
They have categorically distanced themselves
 from the Iraqi opposition. So to
accuse them of something they didn't say is not

Hassan, look at the title of your message that
started this discussion.

Hassan wrote:

"I don't think that it is correct to label this
group "Saddam's puppets""

Well, opponents of the Iraqi regime are subject
to torture and execution (according to the great
historic leader Saddam Husein). Are the members
of the Iraqi National Coalition being tortured
now? or are they getting a special treatment?

Hassan wrote:

"I would hope that Ahmed and his friends stop
attacking anyone who
does not agree with them or label anyone who
looks for a peaceful solution for
Iraq's crisis as "Saddam's puppet""

Not everyone opposing the war on Iraq is a
supporter of Saddam. Some Iraqi opposition
groups are also against American military action
on Iraq because they think that America will not
target Saddam. Yet, they don't go to Baghdad and
shake hands with a dictator that kills and
tortures people simply for being "an opposition".

Finally, My own opinions were not the subject of
this discussion. But if you would like like to
know my position, I am more than happy to answer
any questions that you have.


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