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[casi] Where Are The Bodies?

Where Are the Bodies?
                             Posted on November 21, 2002 @ 4:20PM

                             There was plenty of killing in the Gulf War,
but why were there no corpses? It turns
                             out that the Pentagon achieved its "bloodless"
triumph by literally burying the truth. In
                             his article, "What Bodies?" former Newsday
reporter Patrick J. Sloyan reveals why
                             journalists never saw any dead bodies when they
were finally allowed on the front line.

                             Sloyan writes, "(T)he rest of the world would
not find out until months later why the
                             dead had vanished. Thousands of Iraqi soldiers,
some of them alive and firing their
                             weapons from World War I-style trenches, were
buried by plows mounted on Abrams
                             main battle tanks. The Abrams flanked the
trench lines so that tons of sand from the
                             plow spoil funneled into the trenches. Just
behind the tanks, actually straddling the
                             trench line, came M2 Bradleys pumping 7.62mm
machine gun bullets into the Iraqi

                             "'I came through right after the lead company,'
said Army Col. Anthony Moreno, who
                             commanded the lead brigade during the 1st
Mech's assault. 'What you saw was a
                             bunch of buried trenches with people's arms and
legs sticking out of them. For all I
                             know, we could have killed thousands.'"

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