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[casi] Flashback: Inspecting Iraq

I find this to be an astonishingly biased article. It could have been written by the British
Foreign Office!

Your journalist should perhaps note that:

1)      UNSCOM destroyed more WMD than did the Gulf War
2)      UNSCOM (discredited by the actions of the US/UK) was disbanded
3)      members of the UNSC have been at pains to try and prevent the US/UK again
acting unilaterally and undermining the UN as they did with Desert Fox.

For the disarmament of Iraq to succeed it is necessary to indulge in
diplomacy, to respect their sovereignty, offer guarantees on security and
be even-handed. It is also necessary to remove the causes of their desire
to acquire WMD which are clearly primarily for defensive purposes. This
means regional security guarantees tackling Israel (the mother of all
rogue states when it comes to seizing land and WMD and defying the UN)
and Iran. However the greatest threat comes from the US which clearly
covets taking over Iraq and installing a puppet regime a la Afghanistan.

Iraq had a number of concerns about the previous weapons inspections
regime that seemed to be more about humiliating Iraq, gathering
intelligence information and stringing out an excuse for genocidal
sanctions and less about qualitative disarmament. Disarmament of
Iraq’s WMD was to take place within the context of regional
disarmament – there’s not been even the slightest gesture in this
direction (the US would veto any move on Israel of course). The US &
UK placed some spies amongst the inspectors and used inspections to
collect data in order to target Saddam Hussein. The previous Chief
Inspector (Butler) engineered a confrontation with the Iraqis. Instead of
reporting to the UN he reported to the US and pulled out the inspectors
without UN approval. The US & UK then used the engineered
confrontation to launch Desert Fox targetting Saddam Hussein and
massacring sleeping soldiers (amongst other things) thereby undermining
the UNSC, the inspectors and the long term monitoring arrangements.
The inspectors destroyed equipment that produced animal vaccines
without ensuring adequate alternative measures. A preventable foot and
mouth disease subsequently devastated Iraqi livestock.

Mark Parkinson

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