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[casi] November 28th - Meeting to discuss Iraq

Dear list,

Please let Francis Sealey know if you would like to attend this
discussion/meeting on Nov 28th. I have included the information below. To
reach her directly, e-mail her at Or check out their web
site for further info:


Anai Rhoads

- - - -

With the passing of the UN Resolution on Iraq, the next two months will be
critical if
there is to be war or peace.  The passing of the resolution has placed the
centre stage in all this and it is now important that we keep it that way.
So we felt it
important that you had the opporunity to question one of the MPs in our
Borough on
this critical situation.

Consequently Andy Love MP for Edmonton and Malcom Harper, Executive Director
UNA UK have agreed to take part in a Questiontime and Discussion on Iraq on
Thursady November 28th commencing at 8.0pm.

We have arranged a quesiontime and discussion on Iraq on November 28th.
the venue for this meeting has now been changed. This event will now be held
co-operation with the Bush Hill Park United Reformed Church where the event
will take place.

The address is:

25, Main Avenue, Bush Hill Park, Enfield, EN1

It is on Main Avenue at the junction with Third Avenue. Car parking is
both in our car park and on-street.

~ Anai Rhoads

- - - -
Blessed is he who expects nothing, for he shall never be disappointed

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