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[casi] Re: "dimmest US president ever elected"

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Dear Felicity and friends,
      I must correct you when you write " the dimmest US president ever elected." George Bush was 
not honestly elected by the people of the US. That election of 2 years ago was hoodwinked. There is 
a movie out called Unprecidented:The 2000 election. What is brought out in that film is the 
election didn't go to G. Bush simply for bad poling or bad machines in Florida, but in fact the 
whole voting  scam in Florida was orchestrated by Kathleen Harris and Jed Bush. Kathleen Harris is 
the Secretary of State of Florida who is responsible to oversee the elections , yet she was also on 
the campaign staff to get George Bush elected. I would say that is a conflict of interest. She was 
also responsible for dropping legitimate voters from the roles.
They both should be serving jail time. THE BEST DEMOCRACY MONEY CAN BUY by Greg
Palast( who writes for the Guardian because newspapers and the electronic media in the US won't 
hire him in the US) confirms everything the movie brings up.
 And if you folks still don't believe me, I refer you to a book called Votescam by James and Ken 
Collier who claim in chapter 1 that George Bush Senior back in late 80's hoodwinked the election 
also. The first 8 chapters are on the internet at  .The following is an 
excerpt from the book that came from
VOTESCAM 11/3/98  Ken and Jim Collier
On election night, when the three major television networks announce the next president, the winner 
they announce is not chosen by the voters of the United States.He is the selection of the three 
networks themselves, through a company they own jointly with the Associated Press and United Press 
International. That company is called the Voter News Service.(VNS) Voter News Service provides 
"unofficial" vote tallies to its five owners in all presidential, congressional, and gubernatorial 
   The VNS is the only source Americans have to find out how they voted.
The US government does not tabulate a single vote. The government has granted VNS a single 
monopoly, exempt from antitrust laws, to count the votes privately. Those are the facts.Even an 
average citizen should be a bit unsettled by the prospect of a single consortium providing all the 
data used by competing news organizations to discern winners and losers in national elections. 
Every single election in the country could be fixed by a sophisticated web of computer experts, 
media executives, and political operatives.................

I write this because I was listening to the African writer Koige Wa Wamwere, author of
I Refuse To Die, My Journey For Freedom on C-span today. He was saying his trip to the US has made 
him sad this time around. He said he sees this democracy limping. And he said that at one time he 
and his friends pointed to the US as the democracy they were working towards. He said he does not 
see that now. But he said the biggest thing Americans could do for Africa would be to fix this 
democracy. The biggest thing we could do for the people of Iraq is realize this "democracy" if one 
would call it that needs serious fixing. If we pretend the problems don't exist , we pretend that 
the evil we are up against doesn't exist. When some people make reference to Nazi Germany, I think 
there is much truth in that. Those in power who might have the power to stop this president, seem 
frightened to do anything to stop him or paid off with money and do not have the principle to stop 
him. Peace, Peggy

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