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[casi] Iraqi Preachers Call for Jihad Against US, Britain

Dear list,

How much of this is made up and how much is fact? Is this just another scare
tactic the media uses to conjure up paranoia and ill feelings towards
muslims/arabs?  Does anyone have any sources to prove the claims in the
article below?


Anai Rhoads

BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Iraqi preachers launched fierce attacks on the United
States and Britain at Friday prayers, urging Muslims to rise up in a Jihad
against the "infidels and crusaders" and saying a war on Iraq would be a war
on Islam.

Mosques across Baghdad dedicated sermons to tongue-lashing the two countries
who were seeking United Nations (news - web sites) approval later on Friday
for a tough resolution that gives Iraq a last chance to disarm or face war.

"(U.S. President George W.) Bush: who are you, you little dwarf, to threaten
(the prophet) Mohammad and the sons of Mohammad?," demanded Sheikh Bakr
Abdelrazzak Samaraei at the Mother of All Battles mosque, before thousands
of people.

"Who are you, perverts of the world? Who are you sons of monkeys and pigs,
to threaten the nation of Mohammad?

"Today...the Jihad is a must for every Muslim. By God, we will defy you with
our words and then our arms.... By God, we will defeat you and wipe you
out," the preacher declared.

The outburst came ahead of voting at the U.N. Security Council on a
resolution which threatens Iraq with "serious consequences" if it does not
cooperate with U.N. inspectors searching for suspected weapons of mass

The new resolution, co-sponsored by Britain, still leaves Washington free to
attack Iraq without a second resolution authorising the use of force. Iraq
has said such a resolution amounts to a declaration of war.

Sheikh Samaraei said the United States had consistently provoked Muslim
feelings by supporting Israel's occupation of Jerusalem, threatening Arabs
and Muslims and deploying U.S. troops in the Arabian peninsula.

"We keep our promise to you God, we will fight them with all our weapons. We
call you for the Jihad, the Jihad, the Jihad. Rise up you nation of the
Koran, nation of Mohammad, nation of Muslims to defend the sanctity of

He urged worshippers to rely on God "to confront the provocations of the
infidels, the crusaders, the Jews, the Americans and the British who are
defying God."

At the Abu Hanifa mosque in Baghdad, the cleric made a similar call for
Jihad. "If we have faith in God, neither America nor the world can defeat
us," he said.

"Oh God! keep all evil, ordeals, misfortunes and discord away from Iraq.
Preserve the land of Iraq from the conspiracies of the oppressors."

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Blessed is he who expects nothing, for he shall never be disappointed

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