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[casi] About kurds issue

 Hello, I just joined this list.

I am a human right advocate and basically very supportive
for the Iraqi people, and vehemently against the US/UK war
against Iraq.

Anyway, will anyone please tell me if the following
"allegation" is false or not? It's published on Boston
Globe. But, my impression is that I don't believe it.
However, some people, who are pre-programmed to hate
Saddam Hussein, are so easy to accept this article, which
I find more of a suspicious hateful propaganda. I only
want to know truth, also want to prove the article is
bogus. I checked Amnesty's site, but didn't see this
description. I would appreciate any information. Thanks.

The following is a partial excerpt of the article. By
clicking the link, you can read the entire article.

Saddam's shop of horrors

By Jeff Jacoby, 10/31/2002

But most of the Kurds slaughtered in that season of mass
murder were not gassed but rounded up and gunned down into
mass graves. Those victims were mostly men and boys, and
their bodies have never been recovered.

In one village near Kirkuk, after the males were taken to
be killed, the women and small children were crammed into
trucks and taken to a prison. One survivor, Salma Aziz
Baban, described the ordeal to journalist Jeffrey
Goldberg, who reported on Saddam's war against the Kurds
in The New Yorker in March.

More than 2,000 women and children were crammed into a
room and given nothing to eat. When someone starved to
death, the Iraqi guards demanded that the body be passed
to them through an window in the door. Baban's 6-year-old
son grew very sick. ''He knew he was dying. There was no
medicine or doctor. He started to cry so much.'' He died
in his mother's lap.

''I was screaming and crying,'' she told Goldberg. ''We
gave them the body. It was passed outside, and the
soldiers took it.''

Soon after, she pushed her way to the window to see if her
child had been taken for burial. She saw 20 dogs roaming
in a field where the dead bodies had been dumped. ''I
looked outside and saw the legs and hands of my son in the
mouths of the dogs. The dogs were eating my son.''

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