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[casi] Re: Diarmund question about "is it just oil" questionsquestions

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Dear Diarmund,
     You wrote in one of your emails a few days ago, could it be just about oil? I refer you to 
this web site  above which presents somewhat of another perspective on the matter. Also another web 
site I have found interesting is  called The People's Investigation of 9/11   9/11 
of course is significant to this desired war in Iraq by the US government because it has been the 
reason given for defining its' axis of evil. Also Peter Dale Scott who you can find on the second 
web site says the war is also about the value of the US dollar. He claims there was a deal made 
with OPEC that when foreign countries buy oil they must use US dollars to do so. He claims it is 
what keeps the US dollar worth any money on the foreign market. Otherwise he says it is a currency 
that is fiat in that it is not backed by gold or silver.  Also there is an interesting article 
about the "left media" , it is under the Gatekeepers on the first web site. I recommend this 
article to everyone open to some alternative viewpoints.

          Though  I will continue to protest , write letters, wear peace shirts,  I will also  
visualize and meditate on Peace in Iraq. Those ,who stand for war, do believe in using esoteric 
means to their ends. It is no co-incidence that the gulf war began on Martin Luther King's 
birthday. That was done purposely to negate the positive significance of that day. The former 
president Reagan had an astrologer as a consultant to the White House. In fact she wrote a book. I 
think her name was Joan Lungley. Anyway if ,those who stand for war ,use those esoteric things that 
some think insignificant, it's too bad that more of those who stand for peace don't see the power 
of them.
         Peace to all.
           Sincerely,  apeace promise

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