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Re: [casi] Iraqi_children_-_how_many_lives_saved_and_how_many_lost??

I don't think it is correct to say that the level of infant mortality has
actually gone down as a result of sanctions.
After 1991, infant mortality increased all over Iraq due to lack of food and
medicines. After the Oil for Food, infant mortality in Northen Iraq decreased from
its levels of before 1996, but are still higher than pre-1990.
But infant mortality in central and southern Iraq is higher than northenr Iraq
for many reasons: central and southern Iraq were the areas where the vicious
attacks took place and wher DU was used abundantly. It was also the area where
most of the destroyed industry was located. It was the area which was more exposed
to gases and fumes from the burning oil wells and industrial facilities. Northen
Iraq gets cleaner water than souhtern Iraq, as waste is dumped into the river and
it gets worse the more to the south you move. Northen Iraq gets a lot of its water
from springs, while cetral and southern Iraq drink from the rivers. Most important
is that there are tens of aid agencies working in northern Iraq only, and the Oil
for Food gives northern Iraq cash, which the rest of Iraq does not get.

These fators contribute to the better situation in north Iraq. I think the
UNICEF report of 1999 touches on these issues too.

So in fact there are no children's lives that have been saved... This is part
of the propaganda which tries to show that because northen Iraq is outside the
rule of the central government, infant mortality had decreased. It borders on the
absurd to say that infant mortality had decreased "because of sanctions"; as if
sanctions are not WMDs; as if sanctions are good...  It is not only a lie; it is


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