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[casi] John Pilger and Iraqi children

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'The deaths of Iraqi children from the effects of sanctions. You've been
sucked in'.

I am somewhat puzzled as to the raison d'etre of your E Mail to Casi
commenting on John Pilger's various claims concerning Iraqi children dead as
the result of US/UK organised sanctions.

It is abundantly clear that to arrive at any accurate figure at any date is
an arduous if not impossible task. I have no doubt that all the figures
offered by Mr. Pilger were offered with integrity.

Having said the question is difficult, I submit that it is abundantly clear
that the number of Iraqi child deaths from sanctions has always been horrific
and that Mr. Pilger is honourable and compassionate to have said so and to
try to appeal that the killing be stopped by the end of sanctions. Our Prime
Minister and the US President both choose to play down these disastrous
deaths and to blame Saddam for them. Such an attitude is shameful.

I suggest that the remarks by Madelaine Allbright defy almost any sort of
comment. She could not have made them if she felt that the Iraqi children
were real people.

However many deaths there have been, it is almost certainly more than the
whole British and British Empire deaths in WW2. Does a precise number really

Chris Leadbeater

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