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Re: [casi] Radical Islams Assault on Human Life

Thanks Anai,

The article is a worthless piece of garbage that is not worth wasting any time
replying to it. One sentence in the article is enough to expose the ignorance of
the writer:

"Islam, unlike Christianity (since the Renaissance and Thomas Aquinas), has no
respect for reason as a means of gaining knowledge or guiding actions."

A beginner in the study of Islam would know that the basis of Islam is
individual thinking. A Hadith attributed to the Prophet Muhammed states: "The
first thing created by God was the Intellect".

Imam Ali, the Prophet's cousin, is recorded as having said: "God did not
distribute to His servants anything more to be esteemed than Intelligence".

The author of the article, Edwin A. Locke is Dean's Professor Emeritus of
Leadership and Motivation at the University of Maryland and is a senior writer for
the Ayn Rand Institute. If that is how professors think, no wonder 60% of
Americans support war on Iraq.

And when one goes to the web page of the Ayn Rand Institute, one would find
the following, next to an American flag:

"Read articles and listen to interviews presenting the rational ideas needed
to win the war against islamic terrorism and the states that support it."

And the following next to an Israeli flag:

"Read editorials explaining why Israel has a moral right to exist and to
defend itself against attack, and why the United States should unequivocally
support Israel."

So should we be surprised?

But what would happen if a Muslim would write one line talking about Jewish


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