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Re: [casi] Washington Post .com + countering R.

It was good to hear from Tom again and thanks also for drawing our attention
(again) to Rizer's article. It sounds like it will prove invaluable in
countering some of the pro-war movement's propaganda.

I disagree with your suggestion for redirecting anti-SH posters, however.
They serve a useful purpose in giving some people the opportunity to hear in
a relatively safe environment what pro-war people are actually saying.
Secondly, if we start weeding out all of the people with whom we have
problems, there would be more than the anti-SH people who would be on the
list. Thirdly, if we banish all the anti-SH people, we leave ourselves wide
open to the discrediting charge that we are pro-SH.

I'm *not* a pacifist and I would dearly love to see somebody bring an end to
the likes of SH...and Bush and Blair for that matter. I do, however, have
very strong moral problems with my money being forcibly taken from me and
used to murder innocent people in a country that I know very little of.
Until somebody devises a way of getting rid of these political parasites
without endangering the lives of 1000s of innocent people, I think we should
be looking for alternative routes.

Whilst discussing the Iraq situation with a colleague, he made the remark
that this whole thing has to be about more than oil. Oil's certainly there,
but there must be more to it. We talked about the hub of the Empire and its
wish to dictate the new power relationships for the 21st century. The EU,
Russia, China and Japann all need to be taught their position in the new New
World Order. Could that be an underlying reason. Are thousands of people
going to die in order for the US government to make a political point?

What is to be done? Well, I appreciate the sincerity of both the Dalai Lama
and Peace Tanks, but meditation just looks like sitting around doing nothing
to me. I would encourage all of the posters to the list who put out
propaganda to put their focus well and truly on the human suffering and the
heartbreak caused by 'our' govts' policies on Iraq.  When putting anti-war
propaganda to the general public, move away from theoretical discussion
about morality and international law etc and focus on the story of
individuals. In other words, provide the sort of press coverage that is
denied to the vast majority of Media Consumers. The work of John Pilger and
Felicity are prime examples of how effective this tactic is.

Felicity, I would have loved to have been able to come and see you this
weekend in Manchester. Unfortunately, it was impossible. A colleague of mine
did go, with an admirably cynical approach, only to have been caught up in
the strength of the speakers' arguments and staying for much longer than he
had intended.


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