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[casi] What Next???

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Dear Friends on this list,
     I remember someone writing What Next?? after so many wrote and called the Congress to get them 
to vote No to War. I do think writing the UN is a good idea, though I suspect the Bush 
administration is about to bribe Russia with 8 million dollars that the Iraq government owes it. I 
won't honor even a thought about what the outcome of the UN resolution will be. I hope principal 
will win out over money. I keep wondering what happened to all " the principled people"  I once 
believed the world was full of.
      A few years ago  I read a book called the Legacy of Luna. It was about Julia Butterfly Hill 
and how she lived in a redwood tree for 2 years during the worst hurricane to hit California in 
history. When I went to hear her speak (when she was on her book tour )she said that during the 
hurricane she held on to the branches tight and started praying. She really thought she was going 
to dye, but she stilled prayed. She managed to survive and she also saved an extensive chunk of the 
redwood forest by her action.
    The reason I am writing all this  is I was wondering if we could pick a time ,London time and 
fix our watches to it, adjusting our clocks to the different times which would still be london 
time. And at that time everyday all the people on this list  could Meditate on Peace in Iraq . I 
once heard the Dali Lama say that if one payed 1000 monks to pray everyday for world peace it would 
 make significant roads to world peace.
     So what do others think. It would be an action we could all take at the same time in our 
various countries. Sincerely, p

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