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Re: [casi] Washington Post .com + countering R.

Dear CASI People,


Many thanks to Roger's  alertness in calling our attention to blatant
falsification of history by the AP.   I was crowd an can assure you it it is a
lie to apply the estimate of "hundreds" .  I only hope that CNN did not crop the
TV angle to  falsify history in a manner similar to the 2nd rendition of AP. 

        When I listened to CNN's  account towards midnight, it was broadcasting 
the propaganda  from the rather peculiar "Iraqis" who blasted the antiwar people,
conveniently forgetting that it was the U.S. government,  not the anti sanctions 
folks, who  build up of the military of Iraq and gave it every support in the
hope of maximizing the number of  Iraqis and Iranian fatalities. These peculiar
"Iraqis" were alleging that anti-sanctions folks were in bed with S.H., or
minimally were his dupes.

       I greatly   appreciate Drew's Hamre's continuously  astute remarks and and
restate my plea that this list of deal with Lt. Col. Rizer's May 2001 article in
Space and Air Power Chronicles and its significance for what may be a
catastrophic and eminent  "thinning out" of the Iraq population. It  is amazing
to me that this list chooses to ignore Rizer's article in a  major publication
of  the the U.S. Air Force despite  Rizer's claim  that it is moral, legal, and
consistent with Air Force doctrine to kill 100,000 Iraqi civilian  by destroying
electricity and thereby causing water borne epidemics and the doubling of infant
mortality (Page 1, paragraph 2).    I urge CASI to comment on Rizer's view that
killing these 100,000 civilians was  OK because it was  "indirect" (though any
first  year text in medicine or public health would say that  that rendering
useless water/sanitation makes the  mass death completely predictable and even
inevitable.)  Also an honest reading of Protocol 1 would cite the relevant
article, viz., # 54, paragraph 2 which specifically calls  out the words "water
treatment" rather than the less relevant section metioned by Rizer.

     Rizer goes on to defend the use of bombing to "degrade" civilian morale"
-which is known outside the U.S. Air Force as terrorism in such venues as Federal
and International  anti Terrorism law and treaty.   The U.S. could launch a war
of annihiliation against Iraq at any moment, but instead of talking about this
and how to prevent it,   CASI  seems  to get more and more postings   about how
awful S.H. is -- as though that he is worse than the usual type of dictator the
U.S. puts into power. Actually, he is better in the very real sense that his
government, unlike the conventional U.S. puppet government , funds health care
and education unless blocked by the U.S. via he fig leaf of the U.N. Don't
misunderstand.  I'm a pacifist and denounce the militarism of S. H. but also that
of NATO and all the war criminals and dictators and mercenaries armed by NATO
countries including  the warlord  Sharon, the army of Colombia and Indonesia,
etc. I won't falsify history however and claim that that contrary to detailed, on
-the-ground- analysis of FAO, etc., that the Party of S.H. unlike the usual
dictator or war monger backed by the U.S. and NATO countries, invested heavily
and effectively in health care and education until it was denied that possibility
by the U.S. and it's flunkies.

       After 9 very painful days speaking to such sources as the lead NGO for
water/sanitation  in Iraq, Care, Inc.,  and realizing that very soon an awful lot
of innocent kids will most likely be killed (indirectly but predicibly and
inevitiably by the Gov. of which I'm a citizen, I hope my lack of detachment and
good cheer  will be forgiven. We can positively impact history. But not by taking
seriously the propaganda of the U.S. government and trashing its effective
critics like Maj. Ritter, USMC (Ret.) at the expense of figuring out some way of
activiating any residual decency and compassion and self itnterest  among the
citizens of the  U.S. and the citiizens of its cronies.

     Since so many lives are at stake, could the list redirect some of the
anti-S.H. posters away from this list and to a U.S. government oriented list.
This suggestion is  based on the fact  anti sanctions movement people opposeed 
supportsing  the arming of either S.H. or the anti-S.H. mercenary armies. If
poster are outraged by S.H., let them post to the U.S. government which supplied
the inteligence, and the chemicial precursers and the bio materials to S.H.
during the war he fought against Iraq for the the U.S. and its cronies.

       I get enless propaganda here in Washington , so I really appreciate
serious discussion.  For example could we have  more  discusssion on the how we
might convince the U.S. population to support  the Iraq Peace Team and the
Generations for Peace who are trying to protect the Article 54 infrastructure
that is indispensable for the survival of civilians and which was targeted in
1991 and will most likely be targeted again if the U.S. escalates.

Sorry, under these dire circumstances, I can't  bring myself to sign off with
"cheers," or any such jolly complimentary closing.

Thomas J. Nagy, Ph.D.
George Washington Univesity School of Bus. & Pub. Mgt.
Washington, D.C.


> This is how the same article appeared in the  It is of note
> that rather than the tens of thousands reported in the first article I sent,
> this one simply notes, hundreds.  Same article, same author, drastically
> different perspective.  Is this an editor and if so it would seem to merit a
> response.  Any thoughts?
> By Lawrence L. Knutson
> Associated Press Writer
> Saturday, October 26, 2002; 2:27 PM Demonstrators by the hundreds gathered
> near the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Saturday for what organizers pledged would
> be a loud, angry but nonviolent protest march against President Bush's
> pre-emptive war policies.
> Roger Stroope
> "

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