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Re: [casi] Recent Amnesty

> Dear list members,
> Below is a letter I sent and it was published in
> yesterday's Daily Telegraph and Metro about
> Saddam's amnesty.

I'm not surprised they published it! I bet it would not have been published if it included
any reference to the 1.5 million deaths due to US/UK sanctions.

> Dear Sir,
> Saddam continues to use his deception techniques
> by announcing the release of all prisoners
> including political ones. Saddam has always said
> that Iraq did not have a single political
> prisoner, now he is telling us that he has
> released them. We Iraqis have a lot of reasons
> not to believe Saddam. Releasing thieves and
> murderers to the streets of Iraq is not the
> solution. The only thing that can restore the
> disastrous situation in Iraq is the removal of
> saddam and his government and establishing a
> proportionally representative democratic regime.
> Ahmed

You are also trying to have it both ways! You should have referred to the releasing of
thieves and political prisoners (murderers only get released if the victims families
agree). If there really were that many political prisoners as claimed by the 'Armani'
opposition then releasing them must be progress.

The disastrous situation in Iraq is caused by the US/UK. If they were forced to obey
international law then that would be a pretty good solution. The 'democracy' I live in has
much more blood on its hands than does SH. Our leaders have enormous military power
at their disposal and are effectively unaccountable for their actions during the war and
the sanctions.

Mark Parkinson

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