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[casi] Key Antiwar Senator Paul Wellstone Dies


The senior senator from my state, Paul Wellstone, died today in a plane crash,
along with his wife and daughter, three aides, and two pilots.  The story fronts
most major news American news outlets, so I'll add no more here.

I will note that the major regional newspaper carried a fullpage ad this morning
thanking Wellstone for his courageous vote against the war powers resolution.
(Wellstone's lead in the polls has been climbing since, though no one foresaw
this outcome. The race was fiercely fought, with $19.4 million already spent.)

Wellstone was a member of the Senate's Foreign Relations committee, and he
managed to have testimonty from Phyllis Bennis read into the record of the
recent Senate hearings.  The link is here:

Earlier this year, Ramzi Kysia voiced the frustration felt by many in working
with compassionate figures like Wellstone, who face systemic constraints.  But
Ramzi added in a follow-up that the criticism was not directed at Senator
Wellstone (whom Ramzi considered one of our finest elected officies), but rather
at the anti-sanctions/anti-war movement and our failings in effectively
projecting our case.

I second Ramzi's appreciation of Senator Wellstone, who will be missed.

Drew Hamre
Golden Valley, Minnesota

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