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[casi] No Blood For Oil and The MYTHS THAT MEDIA PERSENT WHY???

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Dear Friends,
      No Blood for Oil is having a rally in front of the UN in NYC at 5 PM today , Wed. Please 
bring drums, candles, instruments, etc. IT is a peace vigil to let those in the UN know that we as 
world citizens say NO BLOOD FOR OIL. The UN is located at 43rd St and 1st Ave. And the peace vigil 
is at the Isaiah Wall.

    Thanks to whomever posted the link to the BBC debate where people asked questions of the BBC 
media. It was an eye opener  into how European media presents Americans. If I didn't know any 
better I would have thought( listening to that broadcast )that all Americans are behind Bush's war 
and policies. The BBC presented America as a monolithic society, a one mind think. NOT TRUE.  There 
are protests going on all over this country . Sometimes as little as 50 people, and sometimes as 
large as 30,000 people. There is a constant vigil  every day in front of the UN and one every 
thursday at Union Square(Just a few). Even those who would classify themselves as republicans, are 
saying No to such a war. The congress were getting 1000 no phone calls to war to 1 phone call pro 
war. C-span has a rep. dem. and inter. line. Even when they ask for opinions about this war, 9 out 
of 10 callers are saying NO. I must say watching the BBC made me wonder WHO OWNS THE BBC and WHAT 
INTEREST  would they have to portray the American people as a rogue society. MEANING WHOSE 
 Here in America most of the electronic media serves the interests of the 5 people that own all of 
it. Disney and General Electric to mention only two.

      I was listening to a speech by the Indian writer of "The God of Small Things" A Roy.
She was saying that we must RISE ABOVE THE MYTHS THAT MEDIA CREATES about the people that live 
under a government. It reminded me of what I'd been hearing about India. How they were allies of 
this war on Iraq. Presenting all indians as pro this war. But on    free speech radio 
they had done an interview with a man from Delhi , India  who said Indian   people( both Hindus and 
Muslims )were AGAINST the war on Iraq. Listening to CNN they painted the picture that all of India 
was for this war. Anyway some food for thought. and an article from  EXPRESSINDIA

Monday October 21, 2002

UNITED NATIONS, Oct. 18: Firmly opposing any unilateral action by the US in Iraq, India on Friday 
said such a move would have "unforseen and destructive implications" beyond the region.

Participating in a debate on Iraq in the UN, India's ambassador, V.K. Nambiar said on Thursday that 
the International community's desire for Baghdad's compliance with UN resolution on weapons 
inspection in Iraq does not justify any such unilateral action. Undermining Iraq's territorial 
integrity could have  "unforseen and destructive geopolitical implications which extend beyond the 
region. " Nambiar said adding that it is important to explore all possible alternatives that can 
help avoid recourse to military action. But he said India would support if the Council decides to 
lay down fresh guidelines for weapon inspectors, while referring to modifications being made in a 
proposed US draft resolution to win the support of France and Russia.
   While deciding the new mandates, the council must ensure that it is commensurate to objectives, 
that is disarmament of Iraq, he said during the open debate on Iraq.

    Strongly opposing presence of Council members in inspections, extra-territorial interviews of 
Iraqi nationals or the use of UN guards Nambiar said, " We  believe that the conditions attached to 
any new resolutions or modalities of their implementations should not be such as to make them 
unworkable or effectively to invite their rejection."

Taken from    .

Best to all, Peggy

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