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[casi] Re: Request: Zogby poll data re Kuwait / Iraq??

Thanks Colin and Anai.  Summarizing what I've learned ...

Only 13% of Kuwaitis would view a US attack on Iraq favorably (versus 61%
unfavorable) according to a poll released in April by Zogby International.
Overall, a staggering 88% of Kuwaitis now view US policies toward Arab nations
generally as "Unfavorable".  These policies are tainting Kuwaiti attitudes
toward the American people.  Citing a more recent Zogby survey, Nicholas
Kristoff writes in the NY Times that Kuwaitis have come to regard "the U.S.
unfavorably more than favorably, by a 48% to 40% margin."   Perceptions are far
worse in other Arab countries.

Of special relevance to those of us in CASI is the following from a Zogby press
release:  "Overall impressions of the U.S. would substantially increase,
however, if the U.S. were to end sanctions against Iraq, results show. Egypt
(80% favorable, 8% unfavorable), Saudi Arabia (77% favorable, 16% unfavorable),
Lebanon (75% favorable, 17% unfavorable) and Indonesia (81% favorable, 12%
unfavorable) would significantly view the U.S. more favorably, as would Kuwait
(56% favorable, 28% unfavorable), the UAE (62% favorable, 17% unfavorable), Iran
(69% favorable, 5% unfavorable), France (53% favorable, 16% unfavorable) and
Venezuela (57% favorable, 12% unfavorable)."

Drew Hamre
Golden Valley, MN USA

Zogby International survey, Arab respondents' view of US attack on Iraq, easing
of sanctions, released Apr. 17:

Zogby International survey, respondents' view of US policies (note PDF format):

NYTimes/Nicholas Kristof cites Zogby:

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