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Re: [casi] Who Advises Bush and Gore on the Middle East?

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For we simple-minded foreigners the Merip report is quite frightening. I
think that many of us had hoped that Bush and his foreign policy advisers
were an aberration, that somehow the American people had elected a president
who would be intellectually challenged if he found himself in a paper bag,
but there could be an alternative..

After 9/11, many of us were petrified that US would act with impulsive
jingoism and were greatly relieved when this did not happen. We believed that
the much vaunted system of checks and balances did work.

Then we watched while Bush invaded Afghanistan and threw human rights to the
wind. We listened to his clique of 'retards', Cheney, Rumsfeld, Perle,
Ashcroft etc. We listened in disbelief. Surely people that stupid and
misguided couldn't really be in power? They were.

Then we listened to Bush make his incredible 'axis of evil' speech. And his
Man of Peace speech. And his June 24th speech when he abandoned all
expectation of Israel complying with International Law and decided that US
had Universal Powers of 'regime change'. And his recent arrogant speeches on
US rights over Iraq and over UN. And his pre-emptive strike doctrine, with
which he abandoned all pretence that US has to comply with the law. And we
watched while, at Bush's behest, Congress abandoned the Constitution and gave
the power to make war to Bush. And we are watching the US try its frequently
used tactics of bullying and blackmail, and bribery to try to achieve a UN
resolution, even it has claimed the right to do what it wants. And we listen
to Bush and his foreign policy team throw reality to the winds and twist and
distort the facts, like Israel does, to damn Saddam and justify yet more
slaughter of innocent Iraqis and then on to the rest. We fear Sharon will
continue his career with the evil he has always practised and ethnically
cleanse the rest of Palestine, while the Israelis and the Americans stand by
pretending the Geneva Conventions don't apply. We fear that Bush will move on
to Iran and to Syria, to Saudi Arabia and perhaps even to Egypt until he
controls all the world's oil.

And now Hassan implies that Gore would have been just as bad! What hope for
the world?

The only hope is the American people, And the British people. Both of us must
overwhelmingly reject the direction in which our leaders are going.

Chris Leadbeater

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