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[casi] FW: questions from a CNN Producer

Dear all,

Hello.  Camille Feanny -- a CNN Producer in the Features News Division
-- is looking for specific information regarding the status of women and
families in Iraq.  Here is her email.  I directed her to a few sites and
sources.  If anyone has specific information on any of the following
questions she raises, please contact her directly.  Here is her e-mail
and her questions

-Rania Masri

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From: Feanny, Camille []
Sent: Monday, October 14, 2002 7:34 PM
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Subject: A Pleasure....and....Iraq Questions

Dear Rania,

Thank you so much for your time earlier today.  As we discussed, I am
pursuing some detailed information about the Iraqi people, Iraqi society
and specifically its women and children for possible stories on behalf
of CNN.  It is my desire to ensure that in the capacity that I am able,
our viewers (and staff) get a multi-dimensional and comprehensive look
at the Iraqi people, including the social condition (specifically women
and children), and historic background of Iraqi citizens in an attempt
to put a face to this issue.  With that said, I am interested in finding
out (to the best that you are able):

1.  What is the overall population breakdown of Iraq (Men, Women &
1b.  Of the women, what is the literacy rate?
1c.  Of those who are literate, what percentage of women were in the
1d.  And of those in the workforce, in what types of jobs did they
occupy (i.e., teachers, doctors, lawyers, engineers, shop keepers,
business owners, etc.)?

2.  What is the role of women in Iraqi society?  Are there limitations
to their abilities to work, marry, attain higher education, etc.?

3.  Are there any women politicians in Iraq?

4.  Are there any well known female businesswomen in Iraq?

5.  What is the typical dress of Iraq women?  Are there differing styles
depending on religious and/or ethnic differences?  Are there any regions
in Iraq where the women dress similar to "western" standards?

6.  What are the best and most visual websites that I can present this
weekend that exemplify the best visuals and information about the
culture of Iraq and Iraqi women in particular?

7.  Are there any sites that show a comparison of the lives of women in
Iraq before the Gulf War and after?

I am certain other questions will come to me, but this is a good
beginning.  Again, thank you for your insight and help.  I appreciate


Camille Feanny
CNN Feature News Division
(404) 827-3695 Private Line
(404) 827-4720 Genl. Unit #

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