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[casi] Fw: "Hidden Wars of Desert Storm"

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The American population as a whole is rather caring, easygoing and benevolent. Then, who is 
responsible for so much hatred and resentment against America in other parts of the world and why? 
And if indeed this is a reaction to foreign policies enacted by the US Government, then are these 
policies really serving the "US National Interest" as in "the Interest of the vast majority of US 
Nationals" and not just the interest of a handful of individuals and corporations that were never 
even elected by US voters ? And are these policies actually fair and respectful of the other 
peoples of the world ? No one should commit such crimes as the ones that rocked the US on September 
11th, no one should recklessly provoke them and no one should suffer and die as a result.
"Hidden Wars of Desert Storm" looks at the origins of the Gulf War crisis and challenges the 
official Western "party-line" view of a spontaneous crusade for "Freedom & Democracy".

Instead, the documentary exposes the White House and US State Department's hidden agenda in the 
Gulf as well as the Pentagon's use of radioactive ammunitions made of uranium 238.

A 60 min.
on the
Gulf War & embargo over Iraq

  The Christian Science Monitor :
  "Consistently persuasive, Hidden Wars of Desert Storm is well worth seeing by anyone concerned 
about contemporary world event."

Time Out New York :
"This is strong, muckraking stuff, the kind that leaves you wondering who the good guys are."


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