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[casi] Re: US orders new Iraq war plans

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Aziz and Saddam  H. know a lot more about what's going on than
most people seem to understand.  They didn't just come in from the
"back 40" on the farm.
If you listen to the American War Hawks and their mouth pieces on/and-in the
American media you will find out that they are already pushing for
wars against Iraq's neighbors.  Bush & Co. have stated that once
they conquer and occupy Iraq they will be in prime position to
effect "regime change"  and control, in all the states surrounding Iraq.
With Israel arms and war prowess on the west, and US troops and arms
pre-positioned in most of the surrounding countries, military power is
already present to do the job once Iraq in under control.   The only
real "danger" Iraq posed for the US was/is that it has always sought
to create "Arab Unity" and the US has always worked to divide
and conquer the Arab countries, as it has other alliances around
the world.   I suggest you re-read the Bush Administration's manifesto
outlining how it will dominate the world.   Also....... pay close attention
to the writings coming out of the plethora of  militant right wing,
corporate-owned, -tax exempt - so called "think tanks" in the U.S. where
many "pro-U.S. Power" former government appointees and office holders
move in and out beating the drums in support of U.S. aggression around
the world.  Today its the Arabs and Muslims... Cuba has also been moved
into the sights of their big guns during the past couple of weeks.  The War
Party is on a roll and through threats, intimidation, bribes, economic
terrorism and threat of military destruction on the "Yugoslavia Model"
and "Afghanistan Model,"  the U.S. will bull doze its way around the
world unless decent people muster the guts to mobilize and protest by
every means available to them..
Anai Rhoads wrote:

> Dear All,
> Iraq (Aziz) has warned other Arab nations they "could be next" if the US attacks Baghdad.
> My question to you all is .. what reason(s) would there be to attack the neighboring Arab nations 
>aside from random aggression? (as the US is about to spread over Baghdad). Does anyone know of a 
>reason why Tareq Aziz made this comment?
> ~ Anai Rhoads

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