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Dear friends,
       I also agree with Roger and Chris, in that sending emails to the Security Council members is 
a good idea. I know a few emails ago Chris you listed the UN emails. The above  also is the web 
site of the Security Council members, which includes Russia and France and China. I agree it is 
important to write them.
       Emails had an incredible response in the US Congress. Though we didn't win there in votes, I 
think all the emails going out shook up a lot of the congress. Even those who voted for the 
Resolution said privately (according to Ron Paul in an interview with Bill Moyers on  
),that they were getting thousands of emails against the war but  voted yes for the Resolution 
because they  wanted to stand by their President. I hope their constituents vote them out of 
office.  They are supposed to represent the People not their president.
       Ron Paul-R from Texas voted No to war. I guess some Texans aren't cowboys. The Honorable 
Senator Byrd said that in one week he got 50,000 emails and 20,000 phone calls from people all over 
the US. He said that was NOT INCLUDING those  from his state of West Virginia. He voted No to war.
      I think it has had an effect on the media. Tonight on CNN for the 1ST TIME, I saw footage of 
the anti-war movement in Europe. Also tonight Bill Moyers on PBS did a show about the Peace 
Movement in the US. If it airs again( which it usually does) I would recommend it. Kathy Kelly from 
Voices in the Wilderness along with 3 other activists were featured. Also he did an interview Poet 
Naomi Shihab Nye  on her new book. She published a  book of poetry in 1998 called  "the flag of 
childhood, poems of the middle east" .
     Also keep up the protests, civil disobediences, etc. etc.  I can see they have an impact. Even 
wearing a T-shirt saying," No War ", people respond and talk. There is a web site called   It lists 55 organizations working for peace. It has some good suggestions 
for protests, including hanging a sign (even if it is taken down). . Their sign was hung in front 
of the UN when Bush was giving his speech, it said EARTH TO BUSH, NO WAR ON IRAQ.

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