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[casi] Iraq Conference Manchester

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War and Sanctions on Iraq,

What Next?


 Since the events of September 11th George. W. Bush has declared that Iraq, a country that is being 
repeatedly bombed by the US and UK and whose people are suffering under the United Nations imposed 
Sanctions, with 6,000 children dying each month are part of the “axis of evil”.

 As we speak, Bush is wanting to mount a full-scale invasion of Iraq to bring down President Saddam 
Hussain in yet another war, with the full co-operation of the British armed forces, who have not 
yet even received full justice on Gulf War syndrome and its possible link to Depleted Uranium, 
which was used by allied forces in 1991. Not only will a war bring more suffering to the people of 
Iraq but it will also further destabilise a region already in the midst of conflict.

 A c Conference is going to be held in Manchester that is going to look at the situation that 
exists today in Iraq whilst including the situation in Palestine. Speakers on the day will include;

 Voices in the Wilderness UK

Felicity Arbouthnot, a Free-lance journalist and senior researcher for John Pilger’s award winning 
documentary “Paying the Price – Killing the children of Iraq”.

Dr. Glen Rangwala an International Lawyer and lecturer from Cambridge University,

The Human Relief Foundation, a charity that works with the people inside of Iraq,

The Palestine Solidarity Campaign and the Muslim Association of Britain aswell as other speakers.

         Date: Saturday 26th October 2002    Time: 11am – 4-30pm

 Venue: St. Peters Chaplaincy, Oxford Road, Manchester

 (Facing the Manchester Museum).

Entrance fee: £6 waged/£3.00 Concession

For more information contact: (0161) 286 7950.


       organised by the Greater Manchester Coalition Against Sanctions and War  on Iraq.

Supported by the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Stop the War Coalition and others.  GMCASWI, c/o 
Bridge 5 Mill, 22a Beswick Street, Ancoats, Manchester, M4 7HS, the UK.

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