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[casi] Iraq: film screening and nonviolent action

The following upcoming events in London may be of interest to list-members:

A. No War Against Iraq: An afternoon of films against economic sanctions and
war on Iraq. Saturday 12th October.
B. London Pledge of Resistance Contingency-Plan Meeting. Saturday 19th
C. Pledge of Resistance Dayschool: Taking Nonviolent Action Against the War.
Sunday 20th October.

Best wishes,

Gabriel Carlyle
voices in the wilderness uk

tel. 0207 837 0561 and

An afternoon of films and discussion
against economic sanctions and war on Iraq.
12 October from 2.30pm
Rio Cinema, Kingsland High Street, Dalston, London E8.
4, 2.50 (tickets not available in advance)

**The Hidden Wars of Desert Storm (60 mins)

Narrated by John Hurt, this wide-ranging documentary
contextualises the build-up to the Gulf War in 1990, providing a
revealing history of western policies in the Gulf both before the war
and after.  A vital analysis to add to understanding of the present
threat of military action against Iraq.

** Greetings from Missile Street (40 mins)

In Summer 2000, a small group from the U.S. lived for a month on a
street in Basra, Southern Iraq, which had been hit by US missiles in
January 1999.  This film documents the lives of the families who live
there, their grief as they remember those who died and their hardship
after a decade of sanctions.  It is an intimate portrait of a
neighbourhood surviving under devastating conditions and a compelling
call for peace.

** Speakers will include Milan Rai, writer and peace activist, who
will be launching his new book 'War Plan Iraq: 10 Reasons Why We
Shouldn't Launch Another War Against Iraq'; and Tahrir Nouman, an Iraqi
living in
the UK, whose campaigns with a number of groups including Arab Media

Please note that the first film will start at 2.30pm.
Video copies of both these films will shortly be available for screenings
around the country.

Contact voices: 0845 458 2564 (local rate call).

2 - 4 pm, Saturday 19th October.
Conway Hall, Red Lion Square (nearest tube Holborn)

Groups around the country have been organising contingency plans for
nonviolent civil disobedience if / when the war starts. For example, in
Scotland there are already plans in place to block the streets of Glasgow
the first Saturday after an attack begins (see

This meeting is for all those - but particularly those in London - who want
to help realise the following similar contingency plan for London: 'a mass
nonviolent sit-down protest in central London in the immediate aftermath of
a major attack on Iraq'.

Amongst the things that need sorting out are: when; where; legal support;
mobilisation / spreading the word; police liaison; nonviolence trainings;
prop-making; press work; legal observers etc... As you can see there's
plenty to do!

Contact ARROW: 0207 607 2302

A day of practical workshops for those interested in taking part in or
nonviolent action against the war.

11am - 4.30pm, Sunday 20th October
Cruiciform building of University College London, north end of Gower Street
Organised by ARROW and voices in the wilderness uk

Provisional Schedule (please note that this may be subject to change):

11 - 11.45am. How we can stop the war: the role of civil disobedience.
Including an update on what's happening with the Pledge. Facilitated by
Milan Rai, joint co-ordinator of voices uk and author of 'War Plan Iraq: 10
Reasons Why We Shouldn't Launch Another War Against Iraq'.

11.45am - 1.15pm. Nonviolence Workshop with David Polden and Emily Apple
of ARROW (Active Resistance to the Roots of War).
Of particular relevance for people who've signed the Pledge but never taken
part in civil disobedience before.

1.15 - 1.45pm. Break for lunch.

1.45 - 2.45 pm (two parallel workshops):

*Workshop 1*: Legal briefing with Kathryn Tulip (GenetiX Snowball)
Again, particularly useful for those who've never been arrested before.
Including: what happens when you get arrested; possible charges; and Q&A.

*Workshop 2*: Building a support network for the Pledge and other nonviolent
Less 'glamorous' than getting arrested, the support role (press work, legal
support etc...) is often crucial to the  effectiveness of civil
disobedience. This workshop will explore ways of building an effective
support network for the Pledge and other nonviolent action against the war.

3pm - 4pm. Local groups and planning for civil disobedience on October 31.
December 2nd.
The Stop the War Coalition has called for a national day of civil
disobedience on the 31 October. This session provides a space for small
group discussion and planning for this. There will also be an opportunity to
find out more about - and get involved in helping to organise - voices mass
nonviolent action on December 2nd.

4pm - 4.30pm. Plenary and wrap-up.

Contact voices: 0845 458 2564 (local rate call

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