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New anti-war website:

Featuring books, articles, and video exposing the hypocritical, unjust and
imperialist character of the war the U.S. is preparing to unleash on Iraq:
Shattered Illusions is a new book examining U.S. policies and actions in
the Middle East, a focus of its 'war on terror'. But is 'terrorism' what
really lies at the heart of the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians,
as the Sharon government contends? And what is driving the U.S. toward war
with Iraq? Shattered Illusions explores the histories and implications of
these conflicts for the United States and the peoples of the region.
Contributors include Noam Chomsky, Norman Solomon, As`ad AbuKhalil, Larry
Everest, Marc W. Herold, Soumayya Ghanoushi, Francis A. Boyle, Khaled Abou
El Fadl, Stephen R. Shalom, William Blum, and more.

Shattered Illusions includes Larry Everest’s essay, “Preparing for War: the
Post 9/11 Campaign Against Iraq.”
This powerful video is an extremely effective tool for mobilizing against
another war on Iraq –  it documents the effects of “Desert Storm,” while
exposing the real U.S. agenda in the Gulf. Traveling through Iraq in the
Summer of 1991, Larry Everest interviewed Iraqi
people                  about the war, the bombings and their life
afterwards. This video brings us those voices, along with the sights from
Iraqi hospitals, refugee camps and bombed cities

Order these important anti-war materials, and find many Iraq-related
articles, at our new website:

or from

Revolution Books
2425C Channing Way
Berkeley, CA 94704

"The video Iraq: War Against the People The Hidden Story of the Gulf War is
an excellent documentary. It is fair and accurate, it is up-to-date and it
is the kind of thing that every citizen of this country should see. I have
used it very successfully in my International Relations courses here at
SFSU. The students profited immensely. They learned a great deal and they
were stimulated to debate the issues covered in the film."
- Dwight SimpsonInternational RelationsSan Francisco State University

For further information email:

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