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[casi] Brian's latest

I think that we are in danger of being overly analytical here. We can sit
and theorise for hours and days and weeks and months and years if we so
choose. But this is precisely because we are writing from the relative
comfort of Reading University, Cambridge University, our front rooms etc
rather than from a house in Baghdad.

I suspect that most people on this list have a problem with war because it
will mean the wholesale slaughter of a lot of people like you and me. In
fact, people who probably haven't had time to sit around debating whether or
not they deserve to be annihilated in the most horrific manner. Saddam
Hussein is a psychotically 'bad statesman'? Well, he is responsible for the
many deaths of Iranians, Kurds, Iraqis and Kuwaitis. So, what's the best
solution? Entrust the work to a clean wholesome coalition who had nothing to
do with the deaths in Viet Nam, Afghanistan, Ireland, Africa, Cambodia, the
USA, the UK, Kosovo, etc. [Incidentally, Brian, the UK *did* invade its
neighbouring state and its forces are still in occupation there.]

Most people on this list are astute enough to know that this war has nothing
to do with morality. It is about money, oil and imperialism. Realpolitik
doesn't even acknowledge the existence of morality. So, can we stop
intellectualising mass murder? Can we stop making assumptions about what is
best for people whom we don't know? Can we stop playing politicians?

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