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[casi] Security Council Vote

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I set out letter sent to the elected members of Security Council, whose E
Mail addresses are set out below. In my opinion it can only be positive if
others also send pleas to these Security Council Members for votes against
any US/UK resolution threatening war.


In a message dated 03/10/02 23:29:44 GMT Daylight Time, Tcapj writes:

> Oxford,
> England
>                                      3rd October,2002  01993 775080
> Dear Ambassador,
> The world is now dependent on the UN Security Council to ensure that the
> US/UK determination to go to war with Iraq is not approved. In both
> countries, the people are very strongly opposed to war in the absence of UN
> approval.
> In the opinion of most of us, there is insufficient evidence to justify the
> sort of Security Council resolution which US/UK are demanding at this time.
> It has become an issue of the future of the UN. as an independent
> democratic body or as a tool of US. I cannot urge you strongly enough to
> resist the bribery and blackmail which US/UK will try to use to force your
> vote.
> Enough innocent Iraqi people have been killed in the past eleven years. An
> invasion in Iraq will almost certainly aggravate the insecurity and
> instability which already is a major problem in the Middle East. Israel
> cannot be trusted not to use such a war as an excuse to further abuse the
> Palestinian people.
> Yours faithfully,
> Christopher Leadbeater

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