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[casi] Pre-emptive Strikes For Anyone

Sounds any dictator anywhere can claim they need to fight
"terrorism" and they can be justified completely. Good job Colin Powell. Once
again, who is to say that India won't bomb Pakistan on flimsy evidence? This
sets a very interesting precedent. Who is to judge whether the threat is
legitimate? I guess it's OK as long as the dictator is a pro-US dictator (you
know, "He might be a sonofabitc*, but he's our sonofabitc*" in the infamous
words of Franklin Roosevelt regarding the Somoza dictatorship) but if not,
watch your back Mr. Dictator. And even if the US supports you now, be careful
because you might just lose your value later on and the US will attack you
for what you did when it was sanctioned by the US. You understand this point,
don't you Saddam?
Nations can resort to pre-emptive strikes: US
PTI  [ FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 27, 2002 09:33:27 AM ]
WASHINGTON: Even while asking India to observe restraint despite Pakistan
continuing cross-border terrorism, the US on Friday said any sovereign state
can resort to pre-emptive or preventive strikes to avert an imminent danger.
"The right to resort to pre-emptive or preventive strikes is inherent in the
sovereignty of a nation to protect itself," US Secretary of State Colin
Powell said speaking before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.
"The concept of pre-emptive strikes has been included in this year's Strategy
Report to alert the public to the fact that terrorist threat is different
from other threats. It could be applied to terrorists or to a country",
Powell said.
Powell, Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, National Security Advisor
Condoleezza Rice and others also asserted that recent disclosures by captured
Al-Qaeda prisoners show that the terror network was active in Baghdad.
Powell said that this statement is based on "credible evidence." Rice said
that Iraq has provided some training to Al-Qaeda in chemical weapons
Powell assured the Committee that the US goal after Saddam's ouster is a
united Iraq and said US is opposed to a separate Kurdish State.

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