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[casi] Is Iraq a unique case?

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It seems to me that Yasser's assertion that Iraq is a unique case(and therefore merits a unique 
solution - ie USUK invasion) does not bear scrutiny. Racist South Africa, which treated the 
majority of its citizens as subhuman for decades, and , according to UN figures, caused 1m or was 
it 1.5m deaths in surrounding countries through it's aggression in the 1980's alone, is a similar 
case. And Suharto, of Indonesia, who killed maybe 1m people, mainly peasents, in the US backed coup 
in which he came to power in 1963, and carried on, Saddam-style, until he wss overthrown a few 
years ago, onstitutes another similar case. Please note that change in these countries was brought 
about, not by a US invasion leading to a comprador regime, but mainly by the people of South Africa 
and Indonesia themselves.
Best wishes,  TIm

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