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[casi] Lack of true democracy in US ????

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Dear List,
     Today on  radio democracy now  Amy Goodman called about 6 congress peoples' offices. Senators 
and representatives in the US congress are getting from 200 to 500 phone calls a day/and or emails 
;people asking their representatives to not go to war on Iraq. Amy Goodman said it is amazing that 
the press is not reporting this at all. Please also write the press via emails ask them why they 
are not reporting this. The dictionary says democracy is a government by the people, directly or 
indirectly through representatives. If this body of congress votes a resolution that gives Bush 
permission to wage war they will not be representing the American people. Most likely they will be 
representing business interests that want Iraq's oil and or those business's that make money in war.
    Even Ted Kennedy,who I have much respect for said (on c-span) that it should go thru UN 
channels and if that is exhausted then war might be justified. The UN didnot elect him into office. 
The arrogance that is modeled in the US government (particularly in regards to foreign policy) 
violates everything that the Constitution stands for and as the expression goes, Jefferson, Adams 
are most likely turning over in their graves.
 I am coming to the sad belief that Ralph Nadar is correct when he says America is not a democracy 
but a Plutocracy, a government run by corporations. The concept of voting for the lesser of two 
evils has got us into this mess. "Gore Politics" is just that. They say what they know Americans 
want to hear and then when they get into office , they do the bidding of these corporations. Evil 
is evil. Not lesser or more. Please write the media networks. Thanks

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