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Re [casi] Regime change, the lesser evil?

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In a message dated 09/26/2002 7:09:16 AM Central Daylight Time, writes:

> A regime change – to democracy


> The core realities of the Iraqi regime mean that there is no moral
> justification in opposing the only method of ending the suffering of the
> Iraqi people. Yes, forced regime change is wrong in principle; but in this
> unique situation, where normal rules do not apply, it is the only morally
> justified solution.


> There can only be one reason for opposing regime change, and it is neither
> moral nor ethical: lack of care for the suffering Iraqi people.


  Flawed premise.  Flawed Logic.  Flawed argument.
Too painful to go down the list, but an argument that flows from a premise,
"there can only be one reason..." is lacking in nuance, and therefor ignores
the reality that there are many many possibilities.  Another attempt to
vilify people of conscience who refute the idea that WAR as the only solution
to this problem.

I understand the desire to pen people into a corner in order to force them to
agree or see your side.  I doubt that many members of this list will be
persuaded by the article posted.

Roger Stroope
"Ideas are more powerful than weapons"
Austin College

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