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Perhaps MPs do listen to their constituents!!


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> I will read my dossier will interest.  I start from a relatively sceptical
> view on the whole thing.  West Oxfordshire is full of quite old (and very
> wise) former diplomats, many of whom served in the middle east and all of
> whom seem to be opposed to the Bush/Blair line.  I will take some
> convincing....
> David
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>> Dear David,
>> I write to inform you before tomorrow's debate that I and an overwhelming
>> majority of the people I know do not feel there is any justification for
>> UK to participate in any US attack on Iraq, with or without UN approval.
>> In our opinion, neither US nor UK are at any risk of attack by Iraq. It is
>> widely anticipated that the 'dossier' the PM has promised for tomorrow
>> will contain a great many unsubstantiated and unjustified claims.
>> US/UK have been responsible for too many Iraqi deaths already, primarily
>> as the result of sanctions. US, especially under Bush, is not to be
>> trusted with world peace and between US and UK, it would seem that a
>> mockery is being made of the Security Council by bribes and blackmail.
>> It is glaringly obvious that any attack on Iraq will create enormous
>> anti-US and anti-UK feelings throughout the area and will almost certainly
>> be used by Israel as an excuse for further ethnic cleansing.
>> Yours faithfully,
>> Christopher Leadbeater

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