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Re: [casi] Re: Anai-Gore's speech

Dear Peggy Ann P,

Thank you for responding to my post regarding the censorship of Al Gore's recent historical speech.

One of my main concerns was what he said, surely. But it is the fact that the media chose to 
downplay his efforts by limiting his speech to mere minutes on the major networks that concerned me.

Typically, important speeches are given some recognition, if not full air time. In this case, 
Murdoch's networks specifically minimised Gore's time. C-Span showing the full speech is not my 
issue. It is Foxnews, CNN and MSNBC for the most part.

As for Gore voting for the Gulf War, it was a different war entirely. Which is not to say that his 
voting "yes" was a good thing mind you. The agenda for this war may carry an element of the Gulf 
war, but the reasons given to us are different.

Gore's need to speak out was brave in my opinion. He showed a great concern. Stepping forward at 
this time is risky.. he made an effort many have not yet.

Thank you again for responding to my post.


~ Anai Rhoads

- - - -

You wrote:

Regarding Gore's Speech

Dear Anai,

Though I am glad Gore spoke against what Mr. Bush wants to do, my impression particularly when  I 
watched the question and answer period after the speech( I had watched it on C-span), is that Gore 
doesn't reject a war totally, and believes the lies that Iraq has weapons of mass destruction  and 
is a threat to the region. Of course the real truth is only the US military with help from the UK 
military is a threat to the region and the people of Iraq. And Gore voted for the Gulf War back  in 
the early 90's. Again I am grateful for him talking against Bush, thank you Mr. Gore, but Gore 
politics is fundamentally not going to change the US government. He is part of the problem. Peace

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