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[casi] "Axis of evil" Holidays.

'The Times' Travel supplement, 21 September -02, stated that "Intrepid
tourists are still going". Where? On holiday with Saddam, of course! Groups
have visited from Sweden, Germany, France, Italy & Britain.
Cultural/archeological sites take in Babylon, Hatra, Nimrud, Samarra,
Ninevah & ....Baghdad. A delicate question: would you mind the compulsary
Aids test, before crossing the border?

It seems ordinary Iraqis are pleasant enough, any dangers could be from
Western military attacks. Britain has no diplomatic represention in Iraq,
since the Gulf War of 1991, but you could always pop in to your friendly
neighborhood Russian Federation offices in Baghdad.

Places of interest include the ancient temples of Hatra, the Great Mosque in
Samarra etc. Oh, yes!, "I've heard that the site of the Hanging Gardens of
Babylon has been re-created in the style of Saddam,
which should be intriguing to see."

If you have plans to say something incredibly stupid against Saddam Hussein
in public or to start photographing bridges, the advice is: Don't!
Otherwise, you should be quite safe - at least from Iraqis.

Such a holiday, instead of customary Majorca or Costa del Sol (or even Sunny
Birmingham!) should certainly prove to be something quite different!

Greetings,  Bert G.

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