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[casi] Standards at CASI

Dear Colleagues,

   I have expressed concern about give space in the CASI discussion group and
on the documents list of CASI to an  annonymous but "high U.S. military
official". Now I experess concern about  responses like the one below which
quotes  an unnamed  UN official and makes other claims that sound like they
are out of the high production value-no citations State Dept. "White Paper".
Is the photo also from the "White Paper"?

    The reason I oppose annonymity and/or unnamed sources  is that it is so
open  to abuse. I will post a paper by Rizer from a DOD on-line journal. If
someone want to attack my interpretation of the  Rizer article, please do so
but not with annonymous sources and unnamed sources.

    Let's hold people and national leaders to a single standard, lest all
integrity vanish. I'm all for being critical of leaders but let's use credible
evidence and employ uniform rule for weighing evidence.


T. Nagy, Ph.D.
George Washington University
Washington, D.C.
where the "reliable but unnamed source" is the norm.

>===== Original Message From Anai Rhoads <> =====
>Here is what I found:
>"The fact that Saddam Hussein is spending hundreds of millions to build
palaces and refusing to use the humanitarian programme the United Nations has
authorised shows the hypocrisy of his claims that he is concerned about his
people's suffering." - UN official
>Saddam Hussein has spent more than 2 billion dollars since 1990 building new
palaces and renovating old ones. There are at least 50 palaces and luxury
residences around Iraq for the sole use of Saddam and his family. One of them
is larger than Versailles.
>Tons of marble has been looted from Iraq's priceless archaeological sites to
be used in a new palace on the shore of an artificial lake, created by
diverting the Tigris near Saddam's birthplace of Tikrit. The dictator also
spends huge sums to smuggle marble and other supplies into Iraq despite the
>Saddam continues to spend billions of the Iraqi people's money to build
himself lavish palaces. The United Nations sanctions committee has pointedly
turned down the regime's repeated applications to import marble, alabaster and
water fountains -- favourite items in Saddam's palaces.
>It has satellite images here:
>~ Anai Rhoads
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Sent via the discussion list of the Campaign Against Sanctions on Iraq.
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