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[casi] Richard Holbrooke on UN's real role

Fascinating....confirms what I've thought all along.
Via Workers World News Service
Reprinted from the Sept. 26, 2002
issue of Workers World newspaper


There are many myths about world politics. But few are as
enduring as those about the United Nations and its role,
even from the beginning when the U.S. government set it up
at the start of the Cold War.

Few know the history and role of the UN more intimately than
former U.S. Ambassador Richard Holbrooke. He has spent much
of his career getting the UN Security Council to endorse
Washington's wars, economic sanctions and "peacekeeping"

Holbrooke recently decided to give George W. Bush a history
lesson on launching imperialist wars. In the Sept. 9 New
Yorker magazine, Holbrooke complained:

"[T]he hawks around Bush fundamentally misunderstand the
role being played by the international organizations that
the United States helped create after the Second World War.
'The entire system was created by statesmen like Roosevelt,
Truman, and Acheson to bind other countries to our interests-
-to prevent rogue states,' Holbrooke said. 'True, some
international organizations got taken over, like UNESCO. But
on the whole the international system was much more
favorable to us than to others. Remember that Bush's father
was Ambassador to the UN. He understands this.' "

That bears repeating: "The entire system was created ... to
bind other countries to our interests."

The UN, by design, cannot be a base for opposition to a war
launched by the United States.

--Gary Wilson

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