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[casi] Iraq captured US weapons in Kuwait??

Dear List,

The following article was published on September 19 in Arabic by Al Watan
Daily which appears in Saudi Arabia. The original article can be found at:

This is a rough translation of the article. Some might find it interesting.
Apolgies for any language mistakes...


A Military source in NATO to Al Watan:
The US wants to retrieve or destroy weapons that Iraq captured during its
occupation of Kuwait

Brussels/Geneve: from Fikriya Ahmad, Majid al-Jameel

A NATO military source in Brussels revealed that the US has for a long time
covered up the fact that, during its occupation of Kuwait, Iraq had captured
important US weapons and chemicals and raw materials for producing WMDs, and that
they were transferred to Iraq without Kuwait making this public because of the
seriousness of the matter. The US did not want to make public either information
about such US weapons which have not been found by the inspection teams.

The source confirmed that the US obstinacy in attacking Iraq stems from its
insistence on getting these weapons back or destroying them to prevent Iraq from
making use of them.

The source pointed out that the moving of 6 US B-2 bombers to Diego Garcia
coincides with the US agreement with Qatar to start military training and the
maneuvers for attacking Iraq in the beginning of November. Qatar will witness the
biggest such US maneuvers.

The source also confirmed that the US may not give the inspection teams the
chance to carry out its work, especially since the Iraqi decision came surprising
and disappointing to the US plans. It is expected that the US will put obstacles
in the way of the return of the inspectors in spite of the discussions that took
place in New York between the Iraqi side and Hans Blix the head of the
International Inspection Commissions [ UNMOVIC ], during which (according to the
same source) important issues were discussed, like the locations of inspections
offices, the means of their movements and transport and providing security for
their departure should their mission fail. According to what was announced, all
the details for the return of the inspectors will be finalized in Geneve.

Al Watan knew from a Swiss source that his country has received an official
enquiry from the UN asking it to prepare its experts in chemical and biological
weapons to go to Iraq "at any time" within a UN inspection team, and to prepare
its famous laboratory "Schweitzer" to participate in studying and analyzing
samples that the inspection teams may send.

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