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[casi] I cannae wait

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On Monday at 7.30pm Glossop Stop the War Campaign is holding a public debate on the war. Present 
will be no other than...Tom Levitt, MP, reluctant star of this discussion list. Tom has come round 
to an anti-war position, but reserves the right to support military action taken with the blessing 
of the ever impartial UN (irony). He tells us in the local rag today that he 'firmly believe[s] if 
President Bush hadn't spoken to Tony Blair after the attacks on September 11, America would have 
bombed Afghanistan on September 12'. I am sure the thousands of Afghan dead are grateful for the 
few weeks' respite that was bestowed on them by the Empire (irony).

What I am keen to do before Monday is to collect enough evidence to smash this new tactic of 
conferring respectability via the UN. I intend to point out that the UN will not be consulted, only 
the members of the Security Council, each of whom will have the best interests of their country at 
heart (oil oil oil). I intend to point out that the UN doesn't have a very good record of 'doing 
the right thing'. I will quote how the US government browbeat the UN into approving the war against 
the Viet Namese people. I will ask why our politicians are not so vociferous about implementing UN 
resolutions against the Middle Eastern state of Israel (using the information given to us byAndrew 
(17 Sept). But I would greatly appreciate any other ammunition you have to offer to show Levitt up 
for what he is, a poodle to The Poodle.

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