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Re: [casi] WMDs etc

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In a message dated 09/19/2002 8:17:53 AM Central Daylight Time, writes:

> Then a horrible thought occurred to me. We're always being fed the line of
> how Evil Saddam is a man so diabolical that he is even prepared to gas *his
> own people*. Could it be that the USUKAxis is so cynical that it is
> implying that it's OK to go and use chemical weapons against the peoples of
> other countries, but it's much worse to do it to your 'own' people.
> Incidentally, I am sure the Kurds are proud to hear that they are thought

As feelings are high on this topic, I think it is important to look at this
paragraph two ways.  First of all, "gassed his own people" has become the
mantra of the administration to validate any and all actions against the
people of Iraq.  Sanctions certainly were not designed to harm Saddam outside
of his capacity to elevate his weaponry, but specifically target those most
vulnerable in a misguided attempt at regime change. (misguided due to its
direction, and its origination)  I must hear, "gassed his own people" at
least twice everytime the politicians speak on topic.  Of course they leave
out all of the relevant historical information relating to this.  To
forestall any interpretations that I am apologizing for SH, I have made it
clear that not only am I not a fan of SH, but I adamantly oppose all violence
regardless of its origin.  I would imagine that the author of the post in
question is as disgusted as I with the hypocrisy of the western politicians
as it relates to "gassed his own people" considering the level of collusion
by US/UK in this regard.

As to the second issue, "Kurds are proud," this is so clearly intended
sarcastically, perhaps giving a fellow 'sanctions decrier' the benefit of the
doubt is in order.  Clearly there was no intent here, to take offense where
none is intended is counterproductive and divisive.  I understand that
culturally this could be misinterpreted however by someone who is not from a
culture that uses sarcasm, perhaps that has happened.

As this is a multicultural group it is well noted that misunderstandings are
easily created, but coercive threatenings are not appropriate here nor at the
UN.  If anyone is interested in being offended by my words, let me apologize
in advance.  I certainly do not intend to offend anyone.

My sincere wish for us all is that we have full stomachs, light hearts, clear
minds, well being in our families, and a comfortable secure place to rest.

War Is Unhealthy For Children And All Living Things...

Roger Stroope
Peace is a Human Right
Austin College

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