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[casi] Iraq Peace Team


Concerned Citizen,

I am from Indianapolis, IN and am an involved activist
in ending the sanctions on Iraq and the escalation of
war. I first learned of the sanctions about four years
ago, through a political Christian band called
Crashdog. They had a link on their website to Voices
in the Wilderness. I became very interested in the
subject and read as much as I could on it. This also
got me into other areas of peace politics.

 I decided that I wanted to go on a Voices delegation.
I told all my friends and family about the sanctions.
At first some didn't hold my point of view. Usually
because of things they had heard through the media,
who fail to truly show the lives of the Iraqi people.
Although over time, my influence changed their view
point. Now one of the people who I used to debate the
subject with is in full support of me and is going to
be a member of my support team while I am in Iraq.

I will be traveling to Iraq with the Iraq Peace Team
on October 1st. In Iraq, Peace Team members will be
living with Iraqi people under the conditions of the
sanctions either living in Baghdad or Basra. We will
use our experiences to speak truthfully, from Iraq and
through supporters in the US, to all who will listen
about the effects of the sanctions and war on the
people of Iraq. For documentation, we will be using
digital cameras and min-disc recorders to send
information home over the internet to support persons.
We will also use this information to speak, upon
return, about what we have seen in Iraq.

We as a team do not take the side of any government,
none of whom we consider blameless, and all of whom we
ask to initiate dialogue and negotiation, especially
under the auspices of the Secretary General of the
United Nations. As peace-minded people, we deplore any
human rights violation, including those inherent in
the Security Council sanctions that have been imposed
on the Iraqi people for 12 years.

Many of the people involved with the peace team have
spent years working to end the economic sanctions
against Iraq and have visited those in Iraq most
affected by the sanctions. They have seen the grievous
and enduring results of the 1991 war and the bombing
by the US and the UK that has continued since then.
They have visited the hospitals and schools in many
areas of Iraq. At home, they have done all that they
can to end the embargo and to advocate the beginnings
of a disarmament of the entire region.

I am fortunate enough to be able to be a part of the
Iraq Peace Team. Each member of the IPT is to raise
their own funds. The money will pay for airfare,
travel into and inside Iraq, food and water, as well
as any other expenses. I have not yet reached my goal
of $2000 and need your help. I am asking for donations
of $20 to $50. I would love to speak anywhere I could
get a chance especially after returning from Iraq. I
would prefer that all donations be sent directly to
Voices in the Wilderness, just specify that the all
donations are for Eric Edgin.

Thank you, Eric Edgin

Eric Edgin c/o Solidarity Books
860 Virginia Ave
Indianapolis, IN 46203

Voices in the Wilderness
1460 W. Carmen Ave
Chicago, IL 60640

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