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[casi] War: in fact against OPEC, Europe, Russia, China...

Hello all,
here's another superb piece of analysis by Michel Collon.
Dirk Adriaensens.

 Will it be the war of the thieves?

 Today, El Pais (Spain) explains this very cynically : "EE.UU. will share
Iraqi oil with the countries who will participate in the war".

 If Paris and Moscow take part in the agression, they will receive a (small)
part of the cake, i.e. a few contracts with the new regime, "made in
Washington". If not, they will be excluded. So everybody admits it is a
colonial war, to plunder the raw materials.

 It is also a war against "friends-rivals" : France and Europe, Russia...
Because of the economic crisis, the rivalry will become deeper and deeper.
Bush is openly blackmailing about the E.U. access to oil.

But the danger goes further. Actually, Washington fears to lose the control
of Saudi Arabia (N 1 oil reserves in the world). Anxious because of the
growing dissatisfaction of the Arab world, Washington wants therefore to
take complete control of the N 2 in oil reserves.

This would allow the US multinationals to make the prices lower and declare
economic war to OPEC (OPEP), i.e. a lot of "too independent" countries :
Iran, Venezuela... If these countries lose their revenues, Washington hopes
to bring them on their knees and impose its globalization.

War is also against the Palestinians. Because Iraq already proposed to
boycott oil exports as a pressure against Sharon's policy. Venezuela and
others are ready to accept.

But Rambush's war has another dimension: China also signed contracts with
Baghdad. CIA asserts that China with its fantastic growth might reach the
same economic level as the USA around 2015 or 2020. Blocking its access to
the oil of Middle East, and also to the gas of Central Asia (war against
Afghanistan), installing military bases everywhere is the preparation of
economic, political and military blockade against China.

What a wonderful world, Mr Bush!

Blackmailing so openly and cynically is not a sign of force but a sign of
moral isolation and weakness. So everybody in Europe may now ask to his
government: are you really going to march in this war of the thieves ?

--Michel Collon

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