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Re: [casi] Campaign Against Sanctions?

Hi Sama
You had written a nice piece and you will win a prize if you participated in
a competition, but already I think you won, and may be through theses words
to have asylum in some where. Assuring that I defend no body but our lives,
I am asking: those who remembered their so-called uprising, to speak on what
their (Mujahedeen) did? Those (militants) whose leaders were dropped by
American helicopters, as many Americans books affirmed. If you had suffered
from all these and you are against, so, do speak on the (achievements) of
(uprising). They did worse than your nice piece.
 I was in Kerkuk in March 1991. Some Kurdish peshmergas killed, burned,
stole and did every thing worse one can imagine. You can wrote the same
piece but changing the names. I met many Kurdish families in Arbil in August
1996 heard them speaking about the suffers from their brothers Talabanies,
they used your words and tears exactly.
However, do not think in revenge. Do not ask others to kill us, may you? And
be more  frank with your self , and try to see the coin from its two sides,
as well as all are the two faces of the same coin. of course I do not mean
(you)  but leaders.

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Subject: Re: [casi] Campaign Against Sanctions?

>Nermin wrote: "Those who are with a new war against Iraq,
>especially the (Iraqis) outside Iraq, can they imagine that
>American smart missiles will destroy our very simple life again,
>will kill us again and will destroy our infrastructure again? WHY?
>Is there any reasonable cause? Can any body give me one reason?"

Why were my uncles taken away from us, just for having a beard? What has
happened to them?

Why was I deported when my mother had just given birth to me, so that she
almost died on the way?

Why was my cousin and aunt burnt alive in front of my family for going to
the mosque regularly?

Why were our houses bombed by Saddam in Basra so many times?

Why did Saddam impose sanctions on my family in Iraq since 1989? Why did he
drain our only comfort when he has already taken so much?

Why were 200,000 people slaughtered in '91 by the Republican Guard? Did you
see them scream? Did you see the blood? Did you see how they strapped women
to the tanks? (Saddam's Killing Fields)

Why were 150,000 of my Kurdish brothers and sisters slain in '88?

...What am I to do? I ask you to please stop killing me, but you only
increase the bloodshed. I ask you, please don't take my family's life, but
you don't even give me back a grave. Please leave my friends, they have done
nothing but to exist, but off they go as randomly as the next. I ask you,
please Saddam stop. Please stop this oppression, please we only want to live
our simple lives.

I have no more tears to give this Earth, and my body is dry of blood. I look
down a road of despair crying "Is there none who cares? Is there none who
will help?" But while the world does not look, and the idealists give me no
hope; more and more continue to be slain, more and more - how do I cope?

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