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[casi] responding to Diarmuid

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In response to Diarmuid: Yes, the Bush Family and those who support it have
brought destruction to Iraq in the first Gulf War both in human health terms
and ecologically, with the bombing of electrical grids that ran water
treatment plants.. Epidemics of cholera and typhoid were the result. There was
also the use of weapons of mass destruction (napalm, cluster bombs, fuel air explosives/'daisy
cutters", carpet bombing, the use of radioactive 'depleted uranium') and God
knows what else. This will happen again with a new war. Once, the slaughter
has ended, the Bush Family serving their own interests and the interests of
large-scale business (weapons manufacturers, Bechtel, and Oil) will run Iraq
as a staging ground for the further penetration and control over the Middle
East. The US has always started wars for the sake of ultimately capturing
control of economic regions: Vietnam and southeast Asia, Central America, then
Colombia, Peru, and Bolivia; and now...the Middle East.   Daniel.
>From: "Diarmuid"
>Subject: [casi] What is to be done?
>Date: Mon, 16 Sep 2002 22:22:56 +0100
>Yasser asks what he is to do. My answer, for what little it is worth, is to
>do what your conscience dictates. If you have come to the conclusion that
>bombing your country with nuclear weapons, killing perhaps hundreds of
>thousands of your fellow citizens, seizing your country's oil and imposing
>restrictions on its economy so that it will remain indebted for the
>forseeable future and relegating it to a truly Third World position is
>better than the torment that the Iraqi people have to survive these days,
>then that is your decision and, ultimately, you have to justify it to nobody
>other than yourself.
>In the meantime, it is worth pondering on how unexpected most revolutions
>have been in history. I, for one, would be dubious of any political party
>who was to say 'We can't do anything for the next thirty years'. Your choice
>isn't merely between the abstract of a puppet government and the evil of the
>dictatorship. It is between the current terror of the dictatorship (which,
>if it is to be believed that has Saddam at the centre, can only be expected
>to last as long as he does) or a long lasting slavery with thousands more
>dead within the next few months and ecological disaster that could result in
>death and illness for the next few decades. I truly believe that that choice
>should reside with the people who are going to have to pay the price, the
>Iraqi people who live in Iraq. At the moment, it would appear that those who
>are agonising over the sacrifices others are going to have to make are
>forgetting this in their hope of bringing about an end to the dictator.
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Sent via the discussion list of the Campaign Against Sanctions on Iraq.
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