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Re: [casi] Question - Iraqis' attitude toward "regime change"

Dear Lisa,

I just saw your message from back in August. As an Iraqi, who talks to many
other Iraqis in the UK, US, Syria and Iran, our opinion is this:

we, the Iraqi people, cannot get rid of Saddam Hussein, and believe me we
have tried very hard. we have given up hundreds of thousands of lives to get
rid of Saddam and we cannot. 200,000 people died during the uprising trying
to achieve this. 100,000 were murdered in prisons over the last 30 years
because they were trying to achieve this. the opposition parties themselves
admit that even if they were to all unite they cannot get rid of Saddam for
another 30 years.

so it's not like we have a great deal of options available. its comical when
people say 'let the Iraqi people decide'.

also, whichever way you get rid of Saddam it will involve bloodshed, whether
it be the people rising up (like '91 where 200,000 got slaughtered), or if
it's the US with its regime change.

that's why several of the opposition have gone and worked with the US,
because they have no alternative, it's either Saddam or the US - and for an
Iraqi nothing is worse than Saddam.

kind regards,
ps - Baathists - those who are and those who are but deny they are - are
also Iraqi and they will obviously disagree. but if they represented the
iraqi people then they wouldn't need the mass oppression that the regime
inflicts to maintain power.

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