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[casi] double think ...

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I apol for this seemingly peripheral - its a great we do it for good and
they for bad, lesson, It comes from the current US military organ, Stars and
Stripes. apols no url, had probs including ... someone smarter ...
Al-Qaeda training videos
So al-Qaeda¹s been training personnel to build improvised conventional
weapons and has been doing research on chemical weapons, and somehow this is
supposed to be news. I¹m not sure if this is news as video confirmation of
what every American has already concluded to be fact, or news for
quantifying American vulnerabilities in the small towns back home. Either
way, there seems to be nothing new in this, other than the clips CNN shows
I don¹t want to rain on CNN¹s parade, but we in America and England already
have comparable training tapes. Perhaps worse still, they are broadcast for
all to see. My son, nearly 4 years old, can explain in great detail the
steps used to make a cannon (and how to make it self-propelled), options for
building torpedoes, and how to destroy a building. How? He loves ³Junkyard
Wars² and ³Scrapheap Challenge.²
But the difference is that my son is not evil at heart, and instead of
wanting to learn how to kill all infidels, he would like the Discovery
Channel to do an episode on building rally cars so that he can compete in
the Rallye Deutschland this weekend.
Art La Flamme
Wiesbaden, Germany

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